Liver Cysts

It has been a while. And yes, it is time for me to post again.

Ever since I started my new job, life had been more fulfilling. I get to spend more time with my patients and educate them properly about their current condition. Not like how it was back then when I could only afford 5 minutes for each patient because of the amount of patients I had to see a day.

I was taught on how to do ultrasounds at my new workplace. It might turn out useful in the future, who knows?

So let’s start with liver cysts for today.Image


Both images are from 2 different individuals but with the same problem. So what are they?

Also known as hepatic cysts, apparently they are quite common. Although they are benign, some may turn malignant. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the rise of the hepatic cysts (sounds familiar?). Be it congenital, hereditary, parasitic infections or even cancer.

I was saw a Japanese man, who had cysts in his liver as well, and the amount of cysts on his liver is astounding. Just too bad I do not have the image with me right now. Seems like his dad has the same problem too. So I guess the hereditary point proves it.

And if you consume alcohol beyond the normal limits, you have the tendency to develop it as well.

So what can we do for these cysts? Well, like most cysts, are benign. So just let them be. Unless you’re extremely worried, you may opt to have the cyst surgically drained and inspected to give you a peace of mind.