I Wonder.

Some times, I do think that I think a lot. However, there are times, I don’t actually think much too. And when I do think of stuff, some may be important, some may not be. It is a feeling that I do not how to describe it in words. Even as of now, just by thinking and writing all this down, I don’t even know whether this was necessary.

Image for today.


This is an ultrasound scan from a 35 year old lady. She had no complaints of dysmenorrhoea or menorrhagia. Just for a follow up knowing that she had this in her. And best part was, she kept this problem to herself until I had scanned her. When she was asked if she had any problems, or any scans done prior to this that showed any abnormalities, she said there was none. Some people, ugh.

So what is this? Apparently it was either a dermoid cyst or a haemorrhagic cyst. Since in the end, she told me that it was there for more than a year, I guess it was pretty much a dermoid type.


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