Dead SSD. And a bling-y testicle gland.

If you are wondering what is an SSD, it stands for Solid State Drive. My OCZ Vertex 3 gave up on me last night. Rather disappointing, since I got it just a few months back. I guess these things do happen on and off. The thought of churning out another chunk of money just to get another SSD depresses me. Things do not come cheap these days. And especially when you want to have a decent drive, you do not have much of a choice.

Anyway, let’s have a look at this.


I’ve been doing random testicles scans and most of the guys that I’ve scanned find it ackward to have their testicles scanned too, but yet they pay to do it. I wonder why. The image above showed microlithiasis of a testis. Rate of occurrence is estimated about 5% in the male population, which is associated with an increased risk of testicular cancer and could cause infertility in certain males too. And best of all, there is nothing you can do to cure/treat it. The only option is to monitor your testes every now and then to screen for any unwanted growth.

Now, what I find fascinating is that the testis looks like a bling. Or bling-bling. It literally shines on the screen of the monitor. And the response that I get from my patients was “Whoa… why so bling?”. Hence, I’ve now categorized them as the ones with the bling-bling testicles.


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