Job Satisfaction.

Many have asked me, ever since I changed my job this year, whether I enjoy what I do. To be honest, yes. I do not get the same dreadful feeling each day when I am about to go to work. I get to spend more time with my patients. And patients are happy that they get a proper explanation from me. Last time, it was pretty much a “touch and go” basis. It’s not that I did not want to spend time with them, but because of the time constraint and the amount of work load that I had, it was not possible at all.

The best part of all, I do not have to receive any calls from the director of a hospital, telling me that I should attend to a VVIP first, who came for just a simple flu instead of a patient who was having a myocardial infarction. That was purely utter nonsense. My job is to treat the sick, not to polish someone’s arse. And I’m so glad that I do not have to face that kind of crap anymore. Definitely, a very good feeling.

Apart from being said, I do miss working with the hospital staffs back in the Emergency Department. They’re really a good bunch of people and it was really enjoyable working with all of them. However, I needed a change. So I took the step of faith. And I really thank God, for providing me another group of people who are hardworking and fun to work with too.

So here I am, with another scan in hand. A scan of a 31 year old chap, with a stone in his gallbladder, termed cholelithiasis. Notice the black wide line that appears behind the stone? It’s called acoustic shadowing. I find it rather intriguing because of the same logic behind using a torch to shine at a rock, producing the same effect to as what we call, a shadow. As compared to a stone, a polyp does not produce the same effect.


Cool eh?


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