Metabolic Syndrome. Fat kills!

I’ve always known that being obese is a bad thing, but being obese with complications are a whole new different level.

A 29 year old man came to me today complaining that he was short of breath for the past few days. In fact, he went to an emergency department of a heart institute called I*N (for those who knows where I am from) to seek treatment and he was treated for URTI. He was told that he had some “noise” in his lungs and therefore given paracetamol, antibiotics and a cough syrup. *facepalm*

One look at him you know that’s not breathing comfortably. He is obese, that’s for sure. He was already having difficulty sleeping at night. Easily goes out of breath if he walks too far.  BP was 166/130 mmHg. Lungs wise, fine crepitations were heard. Liver was enlarged. He had severe hypertriglyceridaemia and microalbuminaemia. Fasting blood glucose was impaired. CXR showed cardiomegaly with pulmonary exudates. To sum it up, he’s a very suitable candidate to be classified under metabolic syndrome. So, URTI anyone?

Anyway, try not to be TOO FAT okay? Fat is somewhat acceptable (I guess) since I’m in a society who loves food but being too fat just knocks you out completely.


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