Growing Up To Be One. (PART I: FOR THE PATIENTS)

When I was still a medical student, I’ve asked myself this. “How can I be a good one (doctor)? Being at the top of the class? Passing exams with good grades? Be confident?

As I struggle through the years of housemanship, and later MO-ship, I realized that there are more to what I’ve mentioned above. I’m fortunate enough to met with a number of very good doctors/surgeons that have made me who I am today.

When I was a houseman back in the days when I was doing my surgery rotation, I was assigned to this particular Professor who was known for his weird antiques and character. He did awfully long hours of surgeries, scolded doctors like there was no tomorrow, demanded CT scans and ultrasounds to be done immediately (a horror for a houseman to face the radiologist) when there is no urgency and do random checks to make sure you are doing your work. Everyone hated him. No one liked working with him. There are even trainees who requested not to go into operation theatre with him. But as time goes by, I came to realize that what he was doing, was all for the patient’s sake.

His surgeries were long because he did not want to make any mistakes that may harm the patient. He scolded doctors  because he wanted them to know their mistakes may cause harm to the patient. He wanted CTs and ultrasounds immediately because in the government hospital, the waiting list is long and if he does not make it a point to get it quick, the patient would have to wait a few months to have it done. He did spot checks to train us to be responsible with what we do.

Thank you Prof, for teaching me this. After all the scoldings, it was worth it. xD