Despite having to work in an awfully busy and hectic environment of General Hospital Kuala Lumpur (GHKL) previously, I’m glad I was there. Not that I miss the workload, but because I had a great time working along side with my bosses back then. The consultant who took care of the ward that I was working in, was a great man. And more importantly, responsible. He would take time to examine his patients even the ward was packed to the brim. 60-70 patients in the ward was insane! He would make sure that things were done in the proper manner, no short-cuts, and the patients’ welfare were well taken care off. Everyone was treated equally.

And when he was not in the ward, he would call us up, to make sure that the patients were seen and the plans for the critically-ill patients were carried out. He does not scold. Neither does he yell nor swear. He took everything calmly, and I wonder where all his “patience” came from. Everyone had great respect for him, even my specialists. And best of all, he once told us, when he was a junior doctor back then, his consultant would have him carry an ash tray with him as his consultant would smoke during ward rounds, and called him names if he were slow. Being treated as such, most people would end up going crazy or be as notorious later on. But not for him, he went on holding to the principle that all patients should be treated well and carefully.

Thus, I hold great respect for this man who had taught me on how to be a responsible one. Thank you, Dr. N.


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