Difficult Patients. The ones that drives you crazy!

I seem to be in a writing spree these few days. I’ve always talk about how we should treat patients with utmost care. Today, I’m going to talk about how certain patients abuse that kindness you’ve poured on them. Despite how I feel like spanking them right in the face, I would smile and just HOPE that they would not come back to me.

1. A “I’ve got all the money in the world so you better give me what I want” patient.

  • Despite carefully and thoroughly explaining the details to him, he does not bother or flinch to what you have just said. He’s more interested in answering his phone calls and replying to messages on trivial matters. He just expects you to give him the best medication there is out there, without wanting to listen the reasoning behind each treatment. And if he can’t get it from you, he will get it else where.

2. A cheapskate patient.

  • He wants to be consulted on issues but refuses to pay. I mean, come on. Doctors are human beings too, we need to earn a living. The consultation fees charged are no way near the ones lawyers and financial advisor charge. A minimal fee just to get a meal for the family. And yet, he expects you to see him, based on humanitarian grounds that doctors are meant to save lives and money shouldn’t be involved in this. And if you don’t, you’ll be labelled as a cold and calculative doctor. I’m speechless.

3. A rude patient.

  • Would it be so difficult to say the word “Thank you”? Things are expected to be done for him as if you owe your life to him. He would sneer if you were to give him advice and gives you the facial impression that says you’re stupid.

4. A “I know better than you” patient.

  • He will interject at every sentence that comes out from your mouth. When you say this, he will say that. When you say not to do this, he will tell you that someone told him to do that. So why bother consulting the doctor then when you have no intention to listen at all? Wouldn’t it just waste your time, and mine too?!

What are the solution to these kind of patients then? Easy. Just be yourself. Do the necessary and be done with it. Let them do what they like as confronting them would be of no use. More harm done than good. And finally, remember to always SMILE and bid them farewell, keeping your fingers crossed that you would not have to deal with them again.


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