Good Doctors – Dr. Alvince Dev (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

If you speak English, and you’re looking for a good doctor specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology, you may want to see him. Let me get straight to the point at what he’s good at. Surgical skills, communication skills and knowledge.

I’ve been into the operation theatre with him on many occasions, I dare say that he’s one of the skilled surgeons I’ve seen so far. To be honest, I hated surgery but you’ll be amazed at the way he cuts, removes (tumours, uterus, cysts, etc.) and sutures. All nicely done and clean with minimal bleeding. He once told me, “A female’s skin is the most important organ (really?) as compared to the rest, you have to make sure that you suture it to produce minimal scaring.” He’s also good at laparoscopic surgeries too. If you’re wondering what is laparoscopy, click HERE.

How about Obstetrics? Definitely a good choice to see him too. He encourages a normal birth if possible, but if problem arises, and LSCS is inevitable, you know that you’re in good hands.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, all these information are based on my own experience. If you’re planning for a gynaecological surgery or a delivery, you may want to make an appointment and meet him first, before deciding on the next step. After all, the trust between the patient and the treating doctor, is the most important factor of all.

He’s located here: Normah Medical Specialist Centre

He was featured HERE in The Star newspaper.

The list of other good doctors HERE.


19 thoughts on “Good Doctors – Dr. Alvince Dev (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

  1. Thanks for your blog. I’m currently looking for a gynae as I’m expecting and this comes in really reassuring. I’m moving to Jalan Ipoh and was looking for a gynae/hospital nearby. I hope Dr Alvince will accept me for natural delivery..

    • Hi atisha, glad that you’ve found this blog of some use. Unfortunately, I’ve just found out recently that Dr. Alvince has moved over to Sarawak and he’s practicing there. You may have to consider someone else to be your gynaecologist instead.

  2. Hi all, would like to share my experience while delivering my first baby, he is the best doctor that ive ever met n treated me extremely well. Hopefully his daughter will also replicate his talent n professionalism. From serbani bt saidin…

  3. Thanks for letting me know that he’s moved to Sarawak, it’s not updated in Lourdes Medical webpage. I called now and it’s confirmed now they have a female doctor called Dr Shita. Is that his daughter?

  4. Hi all,
    I had a subtotal hysterectomy performed by Dr Alvince Dev on the 8th may 2013 at Normah Med Specialist Centre, Kuching Sarawak. I must say here he’s the best gynae i ever met. He treats his patients with full respect n hv v good communication skills too. Definitely I will b seeing him again for further treatment in the future. I strongly recommend esp sarawakians to get his service, now that he’s here at NMSC.

    rongly recomm
    sarawkians especially who are looking for a good gynae n obstr

  5. I would totally agree that he is the best doctor I have met. Most of my family members and friends have gone to him for their deliveries….At every visit he use to explain to me the symptoms and the cause of it….My daughter is now 4 yrs old and I am currently expecting my next child it was truly sad to know that Doc Alvince is no longer in KL…..have been searching for him….. 😦

  6. saya adalah warga negara indonesia yg berasal dr pontianak.dan saya telah bbrp kali bertemu dr.alvin.menurut pendapat saya dr.alvince adalah the best dokter yg pernah saya temui.hampir smua dokter tlah saya jumpai.namun sayangnya tdk smua dokter sama seperti dr.alvince.yg mampu memberikan pemahaman dan pelayanan kepada pasien dengan sangat puas.sehingga sering kali saya merekomendasikan kpd smua org trmsk teman2 saya yg ingin berkonsultasi dng dokter kandungan.silahkan bertemu dr.alvince…insya allah kamu akan puas dan tidak akan kecewa.

  7. Hello, im looking for the best obgyn doctor in Sarawak and coincidentally found this blog of yours.
    Im now living in Pontianak, Indonesia and my obgyn here said that im having a cyst in my ovarium.
    I found him a bit unhelpful, so im hoping that i can get more information about my condition and all treatments needed to cure my illness.
    Do you personally think that dr. Alvince is the expert for my condition?
    Thanks anyway!

    • Hi Olivia,

      I’ve been in surgeries with him for quite a number of times, and I do believe he’s one of the better surgeons I’ve seen. However, do not just take my word for it. Why don’t you set up an appointment and have a chat with him? I’m quite sure you’ll be able to trust him after that. And once you’ve meet him, do let us know your experience. 😉

  8. Yes indeed! Definitely a very good dr! He is so particular toward his patients. Had my c-section with him. Twice! 2009 & 2010.

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