Spending Autumn in Japan – Harujuku (Part I)

It was just a year ago, during autumn, we were in Japan for our honeymoon. Pretty much around the same time as of now and how I wish I could visit Tokyo again. There is so much things I liked about Japan but I just couldn’t describe them in words. The people. The hospitality. The atmosphere. The culture.

This picture was taken right after exiting the famous Harujuku Station. We kind of got confused initially because there was not one, but 2 exits off Harujuku station. The one in the picture was the main one. Harujuku was a favourite gathering spot for many cos-players. Not just the Japanese, but for the others as well.

As you can see, they’re not Japanese!

Close to the station, there is a famous street called the Takeshita Street, where throngs of people would shop for their daily apparels (costumes maybe?). Personally, I hate to walk in places with so many human beings squashing unto each other like a tin packed with sardines. If it’s in Malaysia, you are more than welcomed to leave me out of this. The smell of armpits. Eew. The touch of sweat. Eew. The burning heat. Eew. The dust. Eew. And the list goes on. Thing is, everything was so different when I walked through Takeshita Street. No smell. No sweat. Fresh air. Cool breeze. It was fantastic! Something that I would never get to experience back home.

In every shop that we went into, we were greeted with a warm smile. Although we find it a bit awkward to be treated as such because we were so used to being “ignored” in most shops at home. Like I’ve mentioned, a very different culture indeed. You’ll find all sorts of  kinky stuff  ranging from stockings, wigs, costumes, jazz’d up bras, “fashionable” panties, female accessories to eateries and supermarkets. Man, it’s just so random! Well, that’s just what I like about Japan. Weird and awesomeness to the max, in a good way!


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