Good Doctors – Dr. Chuah Bee Poh (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

It’s been a while since I last spoke to Dr. Chuah, but I still remember him as a very caring and passionate doctor. Dubbed as the Clinic King (by me), since he was always consulting patients in the O&G clinic of Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (GHKL) most of the time. A very approachable and intellectual person too. I used to sit in the same clinic room as him when I was doing my intern-ship. We (interns) were given a choice to pick a room as long as we were attached to a senior person, and I would always choose the room he sits in for my clinic attachments.

I did ask him once, of why did he choose O&G for his specialization. The answer he gave me was, “I took my time and went through the other postings, and I didn’t like it.”. Based  on that, we know that he’s an all-rounder. And when it comes to advice, I’m sure that he would be able to give you a proper and clean explanation in view of his past experiences. Therefore, if you’re planning to have a child, or you’re pregnant, you may want to seek him out. He’s very good in doing ultrasound scans, be it baby scans or gynaecological scans.

He speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and a few other dialects. If you want to know more about him, you can head on HERE for more information.

The list of other good doctors HERE.


8 thoughts on “Good Doctors – Dr. Chuah Bee Poh (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

  1. I’m on my week 35, seems this doctor is getting good review elsewhere too, so I decided to try – Tung Shin Hospital is nearer than the hospital I gave birth to my 2 year old. This doctor’s schedule is packed for the next two weeks, making it earliest to see him is when I’m week 37. I hope he’ll accept to deliver me (his assistant says it’s ok), and that he is indeed the right doctor….

    • You’re already at 35 weeks? Don’t you have a regular obstetrician that you would usually go to for follow up? Kinda unusual to look for one at 35 weeks though. Hopefully you’ll find him good and indeed the right one too. 🙂

      • I’ve been going to government clinic the past few months, with major scans Nuchal, anomally and two other scans with Dr Raman. So only looking for a delivery doctor on week 35. Was thinking of going back to my old delivery doctor (which I also start to visit in my last trimester but due to different reason). My old delivery doctor is okay, if I have better alternative, I don’t mind hopping. 😛

      • Ah I see. Do update if you think he’s good. This page has been getting a lot of hits too. Quite a number of people had been searching for him online. Would be great to get feedbacks from his real patients. 😉 Till then, have a safe delivery.

  2. Having given birth a week ago, thought I will share my thoughts on the doctor and hospital. The doctor indeed is a warm person, my husband having met him at delivery the first time said, “You feel like you could trust him”. I was on natural delivery with no tear 🙂 which matters a lot as I was and am so mobile after birth. Either my lying position was good or doctor did great job! (I seem to recall hearing him saying his patients giving birth during Wesak day with no tear, I didn’t bother much of it then, but in hindsight such would be questions I would ask doctor – his natural delivery vs cesarean rate, planned induction rate, rate of tear and episotomy)
    That said, his queue was long and arduos, partly because long patient list, but also to do with the fact each patient taking an average of half an hour.
    The facility at Tung Shin fell short my expectations. I was ushered to ward when I was already 5cm dilated in pain, only to be followed with another ushering to the delivery suite. Also, nurses asked loads of questions like,”Is this your first pregnancy? etc” These are not something one expects when one was in contraction pain. The previous hospital I delivered would usher me to delivery suite right from the start, and had my record including my birth plan ready at hand.
    The delivery suite was half the size than what we were used to. There was no toilet nor seating place for my husband. I remember having to ‘restart’ my contraction by sitting on the toilet and started to regret not checking out the delivery suite out earlier. I thought delivery suites should be pretty standard in hospitals. My previous delivery took 9 hours long, so my husband was already thinking how he was going to cope in the delivery suite. I understood that the delivery suite level was under renovation, so perhaps these were temporary. Fortunately, I only needed to spend a mere half an hour before delivering. Doctor was there on time, despite having just returned from his own wedding break.
    The biggest setback, in my opinion was the fact that the laughing gas wasn’t working till their third attempt to fix it. It was when I ordered for pethidine (although I knew I was way too late for that) that they started to release more air / nitrogen in. Imagine for a first timer who didn’t know how laughing gas feel like. I guess they would be suffering in silence, not knowing how laughing gas was supposed to help and would have ordered for something stronger right from the start.
    Food at Tung Shin ward was better than the two previous hospitals I had been, it’s proper food – fish, with plenty of ginger, real milo instead of vending machine milo…

    • Congratulations! 🙂 Happy to hear that you had a safe and sound delivery. I did hear stories about Tung Shin’s facilities and it does fell short of expectations as compared to the other private hospitals. Then again, can’t really comment on it though as it was so many years back since I last stepped into the hospital.

  3. whats the salary for a specialist in malaysia?…for example for a surgeon and for a neurosurgeon???

    • From your name, I’m guessing you’re a foreigner with the intention to work in Malaysia? If you are, you would not be able to practice in the private sector unless you’ve acquired full registration. That being said, you’ll end up starting in the government sector. And like I’ve mentioned in one of my post previously, it doesn’t matter if you’re a surgeon or a medical officer, the pay depends on the number of service you have with the government. However, a surgeon are usually qualified for the UD53 post depending on the years of experience. The estimated pay will be between RM 11,000 to RM 13,000, plus minus the allowances and on call claims.

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