Malaysian Satay

If someone ask, “What’s one thing that distinguishes your country from others?”, the only thing I can think of is food. Personally, I don’t really eat that much but trust me, there are a lot of Malaysians out there with fatty livers. Malaysians love to eat. Eat and eat and eat. The crispier and oilier the better. Some would travel as far as 200-300 kilometers away from home, crossing different states just to eat a particular dish, and to return on the same day itself. Below is a picture a plate of satay (pronounced as sate), which originated from Indonesia, I believe. It is considered as one of the famous food among Malaysians.

There’s all sorts of satay out there ranging from beef, chicken, rabbit, pork etc. Well, the yummier ones aren’t exactly the ones that are beautifully plated (you can usually find them by a road stall). The only reason why I took this picture was because of the content of this satay. Pork satay is a relatively hard find in Malaysia because my country is of many different religions and pork is not exactly what my Muslims friends would eat. Anyway, meat is wrapped around sticks and then barbecued to golden brown. Surprisingly, burnt ones taste good too. Most satay is accompanied by the famous peanut sauce, which is very flavorful. The main hero of the plate, if you ask me. A good satay always comes with a good sauce, together with slices of pungent onions, cool cucumbers and some densely packed rice.

If you’re coming over to Malaysia, or even the neighboring countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. Do look out for it. You won’t regret it, unlike durians.


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