Spending Autumn in Japan – Ginza (Part 5)

We made a short stop in Ginza about 8:00 pm, just to get a feel of how it was. Apparently Ginza was one of the more expensive townships to live in compared to the others. The streets in Ginza were very much similar to the ones in Oxford Street, London. You can find most of the expensive brands of clothing and  jewelries here. Even the pastries sold here were so pricey. They looked so tempting but the price tags on them made our hearts sank.

The crowd here was generally much smaller as compared to Shibuya. Maybe only the ones who were rich and famous walk here? I don’t know. Here in Ginza, you’re allowed to walk in the middle of the streets. The roads were closed to vehicles at a certain hours so people were allowed to roam freely on them.

Took the picture standing right in the middle of the road. A good view of how a concrete jungle looked like. Do wear thicker clothes if you do plan to walk here in the evening. It was quite chilly at night and anyone with a sane mind would not be wearing a tee-shirt at this time, unlike me. From where I come from, there’s only one season. That’s scorching heat 24 hours a day! Any cold winds or cool temperatures are very much welcomed.


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