The Workstation. A Self Reflection.

I’m always interested to see snapshots of a person’s workstation, especially in tech forums because it somewhat reflects the personality that a person has. I’m sure everyone knows how to differentiate between a tidy and messy one. It’s pretty obvious. However, if one look closely at the details, it gives you an in-depth of  the character that individual has. It’s the same as photography, where the photo itself paints a 1000 words.

This is my current setup. I prefer things to be as simple as possible. I can’t stand wires hanging and dangling all around unnecessarily. I like doing my work in a warm ambiance too. It feels very soothing. Nothing too heavy on the head.

How about you? Do you have a specific idea of how you want your desktop to be? Or do you like to look at others, to get an idea of how that person’s character is?


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