Dr. Ngau Yen Yew (Consultant In Internal Medicine)

I’ve worked alongside Dr. Ngau for a good one year or so. He was my superior and I only have one sentence to describe him.

He IS a good man.

Very passionate. Very responsible. He was a good a teacher and a good mentor too. Now, this is one doctor that no matter how much money you have in your Swiss bank accounts, you can’t pay to see him because he’s in the public hospital. Which means, he’s accessible to everyone and if you are treated by him, be assured that you are in good hands. Everyone’s been telling me that there’s no longer good doctors in the public hospitals. I can tell you that you are definitely wrong. You just have to find out who’s good.

He is currently based in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (GHKL), and trust me, it won’t be easy to meet up with him. The only way to see him, if you do require his advice on certain illness, is that you do need a letter from a doctor from the government side, or at least a letter addressed to him personally. Then, get an appointment date from the Physician’s Clinic (PC) in GHKL. If you’re thinking of seeing him for flu and cough, then please, see others. You would be wasting your own time as well as his.

He is good at managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes melitus, hypertension and hyperlipidaemias but any good doctors should be able to manage those too. Seek him out if you have some form rare disorder, some disease that is not of your everyday kind of sickness, then you would be able to see the true value in him.

I’ve written a short passage about him HERE too.

The list of other good doctors HERE.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Ngau Yen Yew (Consultant In Internal Medicine)

  1. i am his staff in ward 26 and he just like a father to me.i’ve been working with him for 5 years and seriously he is a very good man.very down to earth.the only person that we really miss since we left the ward for post basic is him.

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