Housemanship & Completion of Service

It’s been a while since I last posted as I was preoccupied with some games. Lately, I’ve been coming across a lot of blogs about housemen venting out their anger and frustration and wanting to call it quits. Believe me, I’ve suffered through the houseman-ship period just like the rest of you, but quitting half way before you complete your service with the government ain’t gonna be worth it.

Once you’ve completed your service, then only you think of what you would want to do with your life. Finishing the service is the same as getting a license in hand. Many parents these days had spent quite a substantial amount of money to get you that medical degree. Now, I’m not gonna argue with you whether or not it was your choice that you wanted to do medicine, or it was your parents’. However, once you’re in it, make sure you finish it.

You may argue and say that there’s a lot of options out there, apart from practicing medicine. That’s true. Plenty of choices. But, you should have made that choice before you went into medicine. Spending 5-6 years in medical school only to know that you’re not fit for the job is a total waste of time. For those who yearns to do medicine, think hard and think twice before you join the bandwagon. It’s not as fun as you think it is.

Once you’ve completed your service, your options are wider. You stand a better chance of getting a job elsewhere as compared to a fresh graduate with an MBBS/MD degree.

For those who are yet to finish their houseman-ship period or service, don’t give up. I understand that there are a lot of hospital politics out there that may put you down but just bear with it and take it like man (or a woman). Even colleagues may stab you from the back if you’re not careful. Don’t let work get over your head. Work smart. You are in control of your own life. Work shouldn’t control you. For work related issues, deal with it during work and leave them at work before you head back. Endure it the next day once you head back to work. As easy as it may sound, that’s the best way to beat stress.

Go do something. Anything. Have something to look forward to. Go watch a movie. Hang out with your buddies. Go shopping. Play video games (my favorite). As long as you are able to unwind those unwanted stress would be great. There’s no point in sulking at home after a tough day at work. And hopefully, this will bring you through that compulsory 4 years.


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