The Salary of a Medical Officer / Resident in Malaysia

I’ve always been curious on how much a medical officer would earn in the private sector and I’ve been doing some research for the past 1 year. Medical officers make up the majority bulk of doctors in Malaysia and that’s why I’m listing them down for the MOs instead of specialists or consultants. The list will give you a rough idea on how’s the market is like, for those who has the interest in venturing into the outside world.

Government Sector

Medical Officer UD 44 – RM 4,500 – RM 5,500 (inclusive of on-call claims and allowances)

Medical Officer UD 48 – RM 6,000 – RM 7,500 (inclusive of on-call claims and allowances) *revised*

Private Sector (Gross Pay per month)

Private Clinic Chains – RM 7,000 – RM 12,000

  • Long working hours. May have to work from 9am-9pm with breaks in between. Some clinics offer ridiculously low starting pay so be wary. A good option if you plan to begin your journey as a family physician.

Pharmaceutical Company – RM 8,000 – RM 9,000

  • Fixed working hours. However, not much of clinical work. Mainly involved in health talks and drug publicity.

Insurance Company – RM 7,000 – RM 9,000

  • Fixed working hours too. Self explanatory. Boring stuff if you ask me.

Oil and Gas Company / Western Company – RM 11,000 – RM 15,000

  • One of the highest paid sector. You’re hired as a private doctor for the company. Mainly to take care of their workers and families. Job offers are limited and you may be required to work offshore.

A&E of a private Hospital – RM 7,000 – RM 8,500

  • Work in shifts. 

Private University Lecturers / Clinics – RM 7,000 – RM 8,000

  • Fixed working hours. If you like to teach, this may be a good starting point. If you’re into research, this may be another option too.

Healthcare Centers – RM 9,000 – RM 13,000

  • Similar to clinics, these healthcare centers are run in a bigger scale with specialists and consultants. Work involves general practitioner stuff.

Aesthetic Centers – RM 9,000 – RM 15,000

  • Another famous sector where everyone seems to be interested in, mainly because of the money involved. Most reputable centers do offer quite a deal. If you’re interested in beautifying someone, you may consider this.

Do take note that these figures are just gross pay. Which means income tax and EPF have not been deducted yet. When you’re working in the government, the basic pay is generally much lower, hence tax wise, is negligible. Allowances are not taxable. So, what you see is what you get on your pay slip. However, in the private sector, you’ll be paying an estimated RM 500 – RM 1,500 for income tax, depending on the amount that you’re earning. Therefore, for a gross pay of RM 10,000, you would probably take home about RM 8,500 after deducting income tax and EPF. Going into the private does not guarantee you a better life. There are pros and cons to it. However, if you do manage to make the right choice, you will have a better quality of life.


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  1. So MO salary is not that much compared to HO? Can u make a post about specialist salary in gov next time? Or any pangkat higher than MO or get u44 is automatic right? After housemanship right? What about after that? Thanks!

    • You’ll automatically be promoted to UD44 after you complete your housemanship. As for UD48, as long as you’ve completed your service, and at the end of your 4th year service, you’ll be promoted to UD48. Same goes for the rest… seniority in the government service is what matters. not the qualification.

      • If critical allowance is removed, there will be a significant drop in the pay though. Then again, it’s not surprising seeing the glut of doctors. The government may not be able to cope with it.

      • after total of 4 years u still ud44, not 48
        after total 6 years maybe u up to 48….
        nonsense rite if only after 4 years u get to be 48?

    • Hi Maruf,

      Do you have a post-graduate degree or just the MBBS degree? If you have a post-grad degree, you can ask for more details through the Ministry of Health website. It also depends on whether your degree is recognized by MOH.

      However, you will only be granted a contract job and not a permanent one. If you plan to do housemanship, then there is no point in applying as you need to be a Malaysian in order to get a job in the gov settings, unless you’re married to a Malaysian, there’ll be an exception.

      If you’re thinking of working in the private practice, it is totally out of the question for foreign trained doctors, in most cases.

      • thank you for your reply. I have an M.B.B.S degree but it is not recognized by MOH. What should I do now ? If I want to be a lecturer or a house tutor ,what relevant degrees should I acquire? Is there any licensing examination to get a job into malayasia ?

  2. I have an M.B.B.S degree but it is not recognized by MOH. What should I do now ? If I want to be a lecturer or a house tutor ,what relevant degrees should I acquire? Is there any licensing examination to get a job into malayasia ?

    • Truth be told, it would be very difficult for you to get to work in Malaysia. Even the licensing exams are now stricter and tighter, whereby only chosen universities would be allowed to sit for it.

  3. Hi dr, just curious what’s ur advice for a jpa scholar like me doing undergrad medicine in uni recognize by sg. Looking at the prospect of overcrowding of dr in malaysia should I just go sg n pay off my debt or stay in malaysia as I had jpa for my guarantee of job.

    • If you’re looking a better training ground, I believe Singapore would be a better choice for you if you’re able to pay off your JPA debts. Malaysia used to be a good too for hands on procedures and clinical skills but looking at the current trend, I highly doubt it is anymore.

      Then again, you should decide on where you want to be in the next 4 years or so. You will not be able to complete your service with the Malaysian government. Meaning, you will not be able to work in Malaysia until you get a postgraduate degree. Therefore, you’ll be stuck in Singapore for at least 7-8 years till you’ve joined their residency program and complete it (equivalent to Masters back home).

      Working in Singapore as a houseman is not as bad as it used to be as MOHH has recently revised the starting salary about 1-2 years back. So it’s tolerable. However, looking at the rising costs of living and rentals, you’ll be able to just save enough for your own comfort. You can always email MOHH and see if there are any vacancies available. No harm having more choices at the end of the day.

      • Thanks for your advice dr, i agree that pay is high but i dont think the living cost will be high except for apartments and car.
        But what bothers me is I’m not sure how good i can be to get my contract renew every 3 yearly for MO as sg going to have 2 more med school producing dr in future. Do you think getting a PR would mostly sustained a place for me in sg despite i cant get in their residential programme?
        By the way, what’s your opinion about working as MO in Malaysia vs Singapore? I don’t really care much about HO as it is the time to learn and the workload might be same with one side heavier.

      • You’ll be surprised if you say living cost is not high. It doesn’t matter whether you’re PR or not to be eligible for residency. As long as the bosses like you and you show then you’re a hard worker and a keen learner, you’ve pretty much earn yourself a spot in residency.

        This is how I see things work here in Singapore. MO SG = HO MSIA. Registrar SG = MO MSIA. Specialist SG = Registrar MSIA. If you get the flow.

  4. I see. But if I’m earning sg dollar and spend there I thought d food and other stuff would be cheaper as compare to earning RM and spend in Malaysia? Besides that currently the new release 2014 budget seems… I can just say future looks bleak economy wise. I scare that after working so many years, the income I gt was not enough to sustain my desire life in Malaysia as compare to Sg. Pls feel free to correct me or share your opinion as I had only went to sg as a tourist. Tq.

    • You will definitely be able to save and live comfortably in both countries with the salary earned. It’s kind of similar. However, before you can do that, you’ll still have to complete your service with the government in order to get the full registration, unless you don’t plan on working in Malaysia later. Till’ then, you’ll just have to be thrifty with your spending as you’ll be earning enough just enough to get through.

      Going to Singapore right after graduation means that you will not have the chance to work in Malaysia, seeing the glut of doctors these days until you get your post-graduate qualifications.

  5. I want a job as medical officer either govt or private sector in malaysia,i have more than three years experience after my MBBS.what should i do?

  6. Few points here :
    1) Govt medical officers – whatever the pay, only 40-50% is taxable. U enjoy tax free allowances, meaning you will never go above the 7 (or 9%) bracket. Other than this, tax is 100% of total income. CONSIDER this heavily before making any decision.
    2) Lecturers? – Medical officers are NOT allowed to teach medical subjects, there are abundance of specialists to teach. Taking care of primary health care centres under uni, yes its possible. But the no of intake is very2 low. If u want to be a lecturer, become a specialist either as a trainee then lecturer, or pass masters then join a university. Salary is as govt based specialists (but then again, what is your main reason in joining university. This is debatable)
    3) If you join medicine to be rich, then sorry. U are in the wrong field. Compared to other govt services, medical doctors are among the highest, yes, but not wealthy. Secure? Not necessarily. In within 3-5 years, I’m not sure whether malaysian doctors are even secured of their jobs.

  7. would u plz tell me how is the net salary for an ENT specialist (post qualification 3 years experience from India ) in private / govt set up and how much tax will be deducted or take home salary .how is the cost of living near melaka….

    • To be honest, I can’t really comment on those. But from what I know so far, depends on whether MMC recognizes your post grad degree. Even if they do, you’ll definitely not be able to practice in the private sector right from the start. If you do get a gov post, you’ll most likely be given a UD47 or a UD 53 grade.

      Cost of living in Melaka will definitely be much lower as compared to living in KL.

  8. Eric,
    Why do you say that “Going to Singapore right after graduation means that you will not have the chance to work in Malaysia, seeing the glut of doctors these days until you get your post-graduate qualifications”?

    Is one year of HOship in Sg recognised by MMC?

    • Maybe I should rephrase that. It’s not entirely impossible, but the chances are slimmer. Seeing that there are so many graduates waiting for the housemanship post, you’ll probably be placed at the end of the line. And the years go by, the line will eventually get longer. So if you’re committed to work in Singapore, then complete it in Singapore before returning.

      “Is one year of HOship in Sg recognised by MMC?”
      Do check with MMC. There are exemptions given. There are certain postings which MMC requires you to complete, such as O&G and Pediatric (maybe things have changed, I’ve been out of the service for a while), so they may require you to do another additional year for housemanship instead of the normal 2 years.

  9. halo dr. im an ho (male) currently workin in miri,sarawak. my hometown is johore bharu. i would like to come back to jb to serve as a mo after completing my houseman in miri. will i definately get a place in jb? im planning to buy an house and settled down in jb. im scared i wil b thrown to sum other places depsite of jb. Cn u please tel me wt r the privileges cn b received by working as an ho in sabah sarawak? thanks a lot sir.

    • Hello Ashwin. No need for such formalities as calling me sir, Eric would do. (I’m not knighted by Queen of England by the way).

      As to whether you get a place in JB itself is big question mark. You’ll never know. You’ll get answer only after you’re posted to the state itself. Then JKNJ (Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Johor) will then decide which area is in need. Of course you can request for it, but JB being a hotspot, chances are slim. I suggest you don’t buy a house yet until you’ve received the confirmation letter from JKNJ to where you are posted to.

      There’s no privileges. Only hard work and slavery working as a houseman. But of course, you’ll get additional income from the colas given for working in Sabah and Sarawak if you’re originally from peninsular.

  10. Need a job in oil and gas company/western compsny RM 11000-RM 15000.Qualification MD.Phydician from Dushanbe in 1998.Presently working in Bihar govt. since 2007 as a MO.

  11. Hi Eric,
    I am an MBBS graduate from India with 4.6 years of hospital experience. My degree is recognized by the MCI and I am not sure if it is recognized by Malaysian medical council. Can you guide me how to find out?
    Yesterday, I was approached by a private hospital with a job offer via mail. They had an online questionnaire and all that stuff of short-listing of candidates and all. I googled it and it turns out to be quite a reputed hospital in Malaysia and it is linked with a famous chain of clinics as well. Now I have a few questions:
    1. If it is such a reputed hospital, then why ask me for a job offer?
    2. How much is the average salary for the medical officer? I guess that is what you call it in Malaysia (in India, it is resident/medical officer/ health officer depending upon the hospital).
    3. What are the general work hours per week in a private set-up? And expected night duties per month? I got really scared seeing in a post that hours may stretch upto 65hrs/week!
    So the basic reason why I am asking you all this is because I don’t know anyone in that part of the world and you seem to give a pretty good feedback (even though you are not knighted by the queen of England! Haha). Also, the shift would mean change for the entire family. I have a 3yr old daughter and I can not dream of leaving her alone for so long! My husband is in the IT sector and we are thinking to move out of India to (preferable muslim countries like) UAE/Indonesia/Malaysia. Our target will always be Dubai, no doubt about that, but it seems a long way to go (maybe 5 more years till my husband finishes his MBA and has some basic 2-3yrs experience). So kindly opine!

    • Hi Ruksana,

      Here’s a list of universities recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council.

      I’m actually quite surprised that a private hospital scouts for foreign graduates. Either the rules have changed or they’ve the slightest clue of what they’re doing. To be able to practice in the private sector in Malaysia, one has no choice but to complete their compulsory service with the Malaysian government first. Once attaining full registration then only can one venture into the private sector.

      Secondly, unless you are a Malaysian of Indian origin, or married to a Malaysian husband, you will definitely not be able to get a job (as a medical officer) in the government sector. Unless, you’re already at a Consultant/Specialist level, you may be hired by contract, through case to case basis. I’ve seen many Indian and Middle Eastern consultants/surgeons in the government sector but never a medical officer. So, back to the paragraph above, how is that even possible for a private hospital to offer you a job then?

      I’ve already stated the general salaries above post. If you’re looking for an average, about RM7,000 I guess.

      The number of working hours may vary depending on where you work. Medical officer who works in the Emergency Department, runs in shifts. Night shifts are usually 9-10 hours. As for private clinics, especially the chain ones, between 50-60 hours per week, kind of negotiable depending on who you work with.

      Bottom line is, I believe being together as a family is what matters most. Just my 2 cents though. Cheers.

  12. i have passed MBBS from mmc in Bangladesh which is a recognised medical college by malaysia.i have passed D/A in i want to be settled in malaysia.what should i do then?

  13. Hi Eric,

    I am an MD from the Philippines and just got word from USM regarding my application for the Masters in Neurosurgery program. I was just wondering if it’s a paid post or the we need to pay USM.

    All the best,

    • Hi Wilbert,

      Did you not clarify with USM on how’s the program being run? If my memory serves me right, foreign graduates who enrolls into Masters have to pay for their own fees and work (without getting paid) at the same time. Totally ain’t worth it.

  14. Hello Eric:
    I am an Egyptian general practitioner having MBBS and 26 years experience in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in big hospitals as GP , emergency physician and orthopedic resident i passed first part master degree in orthopedic surgery and also first part MRCS (ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND) and i am working right now as gp in saudi arabia and willing to relocate in malaysia and work ; if you please ; i have some enquiries from you regarding:
    1- knowing the previously mentioned data about me can I have good chance to work in private sector as gp? (I have MBBS and only first part MRCS and first part of master degree orthopedic as I traveled to work in saudi before finishing them).
    2- I am 52 y.o now , is there any age limit in private sector in malaysia? Or will that age limit my chance to get job there?.
    3- if OK what will be the expected salary for my experience there?
    4- if my license is recognized in Malaysia (medical college in Egypt ) , must I sit for license exam for registeration ?
    5- how long it will take till registration will finish if my papers are ready?
    6- if I am willing to go there to apply and search for work how much it will cost me to per month totally?.
    I am very sorry for these numerous questions but it is very important issue for me as I am willing to travel soon as I finished my work here in Saudi arabia . and many thanks for you in advance for your interest , I am looking to hearing from you soon , kind regards’

    • Hello Khaled,

      Here are some answers to your questions.

      1. Having MBBS at this point of time will only qualify you a job as a medical officer. Partial MRCS itself (even if you’ve completed it) is not recognized in Malaysia. Sorry to say but your chances to work immediately in the private sector as a GP in Malaysia is zero.

      2. There is no age limit. In the private sector, most specialists and consultants are self employed, as they’re not paid by the hospitals. Even general practitioners run their own businesses. Unless you’re working in group practices.

      3. As to what I’ve stated above.

      4. Many years back, if your MBBS is recognized by ministry of health (MOH), you’ll probably be able to get a job as a medical officer through contract basis in the government sector but unfortunately, the door is closed. As of now, they are no longer taking in foreign graduates for the medical officer post. They can’t even cope with the amount of local graduates now, let alone graduates from other countries.

      5. It won’t happen until you’re a specialist or consultant.

      6. I suggest that you try to seek more information from MOH before you travel all the way to Malaysia to avoid disappointment and devastation.

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  16. Hi Admin!
    Im About to complete my MBBS degree In Tamilnadu, India.
    I want to work in Your Country as a Doctor.
    1. So, Kindly guide what steps ought to be taken form now?
    2. Is there any web site to which I can subscribe for any job alerts?
    3. How much pay can i expect?
    Thankyou very much in advance.

    • Hi Priya,

      I assume you’re of Indian nationality and not a Malaysian? Your chances of working in Malaysia is as good as zero, unless you have sub-specialized. Malaysia itself is already facing issues of having too many local graduates awaiting to have their housemanship training in the government hospitals.

  17. Hello Eric . I have got mbbs and MRCP..May i know what is the chances of working as doctor there & about getting training there..Does it possible for foreign doctor to get training in internal medicine & sub speciality like caridac or renal physician in malaysia..And may i know whether malaysia recognize MRCP. The role of MRCP there as i don’t have MSC(internal medicine).Thanks in advance

  18. Hi

    I am currently working in Singapore. If I return immediately after obtaining my MRCPCH, I understand I will need to serve 3 year compulsory service. What position will I have during this compulsory service (MO vs specialist) and what will my pay grade be? Also will my 18 month gazettment happen concurrently?

    • Hi Diya,

      A friend of mine who came back from the states started her gazzettment as a palliative specialist concurrently with her compulsory service. But best to check again as the rules may have changed.

  19. I would like to apply for job in oil and gas factory . As factory medical officer it known as occupation physician. My degree MBBS. MD .FRSPH AFIH .PG DMCH.

  20. Hi Eric, I was wondering if you could advise me of my potential options upon returning to Malaysia after working in the UK for the past 10 years or so. I am working as a middle grade doctor in psychiatry at present, but i have also experienced 3 years’ training in general practitioner previously. I only have MB CHB degree, and was wondering if there is a chance to work in a private sector/ university tutor ? Many thanks

    • Hi Teoh,

      May I safely assume that you’ve yet to serve the compulsory service? Things may have changed but you may still need to get at least 2-3 years in before attaining full registration to work in the private sector.

      Under Article 132 of the Federal Institution, the public services include education services. Therefore, if you opt to complete your service through a university, it has to be a public university and not a private one, as dictated by the Director General of Health. Then again, I suggest that you should email / call up the relevant authorities to get more information as I’ve been really out of touch.

      • Thanks for your response Eric, much appreciated. If the Malaysian Medical Council granted me full registration without the compulsory service, can I work for the private sector immediately ( ie private university or private practice)?

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  22. hi ERic,
    i passed mbbs from bangladesh with about 5yrs of clinical experience medical college is not recognised by mmc .i already went through ur above mentioned advices.actualy my husband started working in malaysia recently n i have to migrate dere too.but how i can start dere from my proffession or what will b good for me to start dat i can get lecence to practice dere too,pls suggest me a way.i already plan to do mhc on internal medicine in a university in malaysia.but i need to work siimuntaneously with my study.den what will b good for me please suggest.

  23. Hi Eric,
    I understand that this page is about the salary of a medical officer but would you mind sharing a little something about the salary of a HO (UD41)? Also, is there a difference in salary between peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Natasha,

      The latest salary for UD41 is RM 2,777.98. You can check the details on the SPA website.

      And the other allowances.

      Housing : RM250.00
      Public Service : RM300.00
      Critical : RM750.00
      COLA : RM100.00­ – RM300.00 (location based)
      Oncall : Varies.

      There will be some salary differences, depends on where you are posted to.

  24. Hi Eric, How does a doctor look for jobs in Malaysia? If I haven’t got a specialist degree but I want to work in a private hospital, how can I apply for a job in private hospital ? Do they advertise the jobs on any website ? Thanks

    • Hi Teoh,

      There are plenty of ways to look for a job in the private sector. You can always email the private hospitals to ask for any vacancies, newspapers, jobstreet or through friends / connections. Just like any other jobs out there.

      • Thanks Eric, would the private hospitals consider offering jobs to doctors without a specialist degree ? How can I find out if there are any vacancies in the hospital – ?by emailing the human resources directly?? Thanks

  25. Hi…i am a medical student currently in 5th year…i would like to know that if do I need to do my Housemanship in malaysia before I want to continue doing my PG or I can straight continue my PG after graduate without completing my Housemanship
    Thank you

    • Hi Maha,

      You need to complete your horsemanship, not just in Malaysia buy other parts of the world too before doing your postgraduate as you do need to work and study at that same time.

  26. Hi Eric. I’m malaysian with 3 years working experience in psych plus 1 year internship in ireland. Only have medical degree from ireland without post grad qualification. My question is, im keen on returning back home. From your knowledge, can I go straight into becoming an MO or do I need to do HO again. I’ve never worked in malaysia. I want to work in public sector. The other question is, who should I contact to start the process of looking for job? Is there a centralised system of job application in public sector? I’ve emailed MMC 2 months ago and they have not replied. Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi Eric, can you tell us about salary of specialist doctors/ consultants pls as there are a few questions in this thread on the salary of specialist.

    Can I ask how much does a physician in a private hospital earn. I do not plan to study or work as a doctor. However, I have this relative who works as a physician in Prince Court and has a MRCP from Ireland. He claims to earn RM 40,000 which I highly doubt.

    Hence, I want to verify what are the chances of a 32-35 year old doc making that much..


    • Hi Pope,

      I believe your relative is telling you the truth. I have a friend who works in the health screening department with Prince Court and he is already earning ~ RM 20,000 without any post grad degree at the moment, which is considered very high as compared to other health screening centers that are paying out there. General physicians are paid between RM 20,000 – RM 30,000 in screening centers before I left the private sector but most do not earn that much these days (especially those running their own clinics), so i can safely assume that Prince Court is able to pay higher.


  28. hello Eric…
    hope you are fine….
    I am a Pakistani doctor…i have recently passed the postgraduate specialization exam of Pakistan called FCPS in internal medicine…i wish to work and live in Malysia as a physician…kindly guide me what the further requirements and how to proceed to get a job over there… will be highly thankfull for ur guidance

  29. Hi Eric, would you suggest someone with a degree in healthcare science who after graduated few years only realise medicine is his/her passion to take up MD course (is like a big u turn as intake won’t consider your bachelor result at all)? As the course itself is tough and considering the age, the financial aspect, competition with the glut of young doctors out there ?
    Would it sounds not worthwhile to insist on the passion ? Or go on with current job (with less satisfaction ) but at least it’s not a u turn .

  30. Hi Tiffany,

    If you do want my honest opinion, don’t do it. Passion, yes should have it but passion for medicine is definitely a big sacrifice. I will not deter you from pursuing your interest if you intend to do so, but I can tell you that there is a lot of other viable options out there (if you’re not happy with the current job) rather than doing medicine. It takes a lot of years, to reach financial stability if you practice medicine. It’s not worthwhile, at all.

    • Hi Eric, Appreciate your honest reply. Thanks .
      As far as I know, in US they need to have a bachelor then only take up MD/MBBS course. But in malaysia here, to begin MD course at the age of mid twenties, end up begin housemanship at the age of 30+ sounds very late, which our peers might already doing postgraduate. There is no MD course can be completed in shorter periods of time instead of 4/5 years right ?

      • Unfortunately there isn’t any, Tiffany. All courses are between 5-6 years. Housemanship at 30+ is not that late because I have seen some of them once in a while but I doubt you want to go through that tedious process when you’re in your 30s.

  31. Hi Eric,
    I am an Ophthalmologist with 2 years of work experience in pvt eye hospital. One of my peer got a job offer at Johor bahur, Malaysia. The offer is 16500/month with 30% critical allowance. Not sure about house allowance. Is it a good offer, also can you tell me how much % tax is been cut by the govt of Malaysia.
    Would like to gather some information before giving the interviews.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Samikshya,

      Maximum tax rate is 26% if your annual income exceeds RM 100,000. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you whether it’s a good offer or not as I’m not familiar with how much a hospital pays a specialist. From what I know, most specialists rent a place from the hospital for their own businesses and they are not paid by hospitals.

  32. dear all,
    I am a recruiter for a FRACGP Drs, to be based in Australia.Pls contact me for in depth information and further assistance at 012-2862014, Patricia.

    • Hi Teoh,

      Thanks for dropping by. There’s a lot of areas that you can look for jobs apart from Jobstreet.

      You can look through the newspaper under the recruitment section. There will be job offers for medical officers on and off.

      Alternatively, if you feel like free-lancing, you can also scout for locum slots here. –

      You can also get yourself hooked up on LinkedIn, create a profile for yourself and look for recruiters to help you out. You can even message the clinic owner directly and ask if they are hiring.

      And finally, contact your friends or colleagues who have left for the private sector. They are the best source of information with regard to any job openings available.


  33. hello Eric, would any of the Pharmaceutical company in Malaysia hired a newly MBBS graduate with no working experience, as Im not intended to go for Govt service. Thanks

    • Hi Vincent,

      The answer is pretty simple. If you’re the boss of the pharmaceutical company in Malaysia, would you hire a newly MBBS graduate with no working experience?

      If you’ve completed your government service, at least you have some form of leverage. If not, basically you have no qualifications to back you up.

  34. Hi Eric,

    I’m currently a 2nd year medical student in a public U which is recognised by SMC. Here are some of my enquires:

    1. If I wish to work in sg after I graduate( 3 more years to go), what are the likely chance for me to get it? I currently heard my seniors saying it is very to get HO in sg now. How about in the next 3 years, will it be even harder?

    2. Just want to clarify, if I want to do HO in sg then I won’t be able to work in M’sia anymore until I get a postgraduate qualification isn’t? How about if I do MRCP /MRCS? Can I manage to get the work in M’sia in the future with these qualifications?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Emily,

      Here’s what I can share with you.

      1. SMC & MOHH are already cutting down on the hiring of foreign talents, mainly to cater for local talents. Even if your university is recognised by Singapore, you may not be able to work as a houseman in Singapore. I believe it will only get worse 3 years later as there will be more Singaporean graduates by then.

      2. If you do not work in Malaysia, you will never get the chance to do so until you are a qualified specialist. MRCP and MRCS are just entrance papers. These papers do not make you a specialist. So, you will have to start from scratch again if you have plans to go back to Malaysia without having a post graduate degree.

  35. Hi Eric,

    I’m an MBBS graduate from Malaysia and my hometown is Sarawak. I would like to ask, is there any additional allowance if I work in Sabah/Sarawak?

    I’ve always heard that extra allowance is granted if those who are from the Peninsular work in Sabah/Sarawak and vice versa. But funnily, I’ve also heard about the extra allowance that Sarawakians/Sabahans get if they work in their own hometown. In fact, I heard that their allowance is even higher than the Peninsular doctors who work there! Is this true?


    • Hi Bella,

      To be honest, I’ve lost touch with the salary and pay scale since I left the government service.

      Before I left, for those who are originally from Sarawak, goes back to Sarawak to work will not get any additional allowances apart from the usual kola and stuff.

      Maybe things have changed. Back then, the allowances given for those who are from Peninsula, went over to Sabah & Sarawak are higher.

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