Foreign Land

Finally I’m here, after months of preparation. Due to unavoidable circumstances, here I am, working in Singapore. Never would I thought I would work in another country.


It’s not that I work here, but next to it. It’s one of Singapore’s government hospitals, called Khoo Teck Puat. It resembles a corporate office or a hotel in a park rather a hospital, frankly speaking. Government hospitals back home are seriously lagging behind, from infrastructure to facilities wise.


“Very zen-looking”, said a close friend of mine when he saw the pictures.  I do hope that one day, Malaysia’s hospitals would be as good as this too.


6 thoughts on “Foreign Land

  1. Wow…may i ask when u decide to work in spore?during mo time ?after hw many yrs in malaysia? Hw much salary there? If i graduated not from ukm or um, i can still work there tro mrcp exam right? Thanks!!! I will visit ur blog more often!

    • I’ve worked 5 years in Malaysia. Not that long. I decided when I’ve just completed my service. If you’re not a graduate from UKM or UM, as long as you pass your MRCP, you’ll be eligible to apply for conditional registration in Singapore.

  2. Eric … hi .. love reading those article of yours .. just curious .. how much average does medical registrars in sgp getting approximately per month

    • Hi Ian. Thanks for reading. 🙂

      I work in the polyclinic so I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it’s around SGD 7.5k or so. Since family physicians get paid about an average of SGD 10k and medical officers get paid about 5-6k. There’s no registrars in the clinic setting but most likely they are getting paid in between that range.

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