Lack of Space!

It’s almost a month now that I’ve been staying here in Singapore, I realized that my private personal space is getting smaller each time I go to a mall. Many times I’ve noticed myself avoiding people coming from the opposite direction. Miss those days where I can walk freely, without having to worry about knocking into someone, or worry that I might be blocking someone who’s walking behind me because I wanted to stop a while to look at stuff. It’s still not as bad as Hong Kong or Japan, but it’s close.

Going to one place to another at peak hours are totally horrendous, especially weekends. Instead of going out for a stroll, I rather just stay in than  having someone’s armpit shoved unto my face when I’m taking a ride in the MRT. Makes me miss driving too!


Playing games are my favorite past time, even more now knowing that the situation I’ll be in if I’m out. At the very least, I know that I’m free to wander to where I want to be.


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