Malaysia’s Klinik Kesihatan(s) vs. Singapore’s Polyclinics

Klinik Kesihatan is a Malay word for Health Clinic. They are better of referred to as Klinik Kesihatan(s) back home or just KK(s). When one mentions KK(s), it automatically means government clinics in Malaysia. And truth be told, there is no plural form for Klinik Kesihatan, hence the (s) behind it.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to point out the differences between Malaysia’s KK(s) and Singapore’s government clinics, also known as polyclinics.


Identical. The workload is massive! Even though I knew how it was, I can’t help but to laugh at myself for stepping into the same black pit all over again. Government sector clinics will always be busy no matter where you are. It’s fun, but you’ve just got to work your arse off.


Patient wise, I see more Chinese nowadays. And there are quite a number of Chinese from mainland China too. And occasionally I do dread seeing them (China’s Chinese) because I find myself struggling to understand what they’re trying to tell me. The way they roll their tongues when they speak, my gawd. No offense to the original Chinese out there! It’s just how it is since Mandarin ain’t my first language, or even second. They are quite a number of Filipinos here too, but at least they speak English. However, I find most comfortable in speaking to the Malay patients.

Generally, Singaporean patients are kinda an impatient lot and they tend to get angry as easily as flicking a switch. Pushy and demanding too. It’s not just my observation. Everyone (the doctors) have been complaining about it at work each day. Just imagine how bad that can be. I rarely see them back home though.


Both sides have nice bosses in general. It’s just the matter of perception and it is very much dependent on the particular person’s personality.


Paper back home. Computerized in Singapore, with all clinics and hospitals linked up through a platform. One can assess the patient’s hospitalization records from the clinic itself. Back in Malaysia, the most favorite word used in the clinics or hospital settings under the daily plans was “Trace patient’s medical records”, knowing that most of the time, records are either missing or they’re too old to be kept therefore burnt in the incinerator. Sad but true.


I’m sure you know who wins this category hands down.


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