Jurong East Mall, Singapore.

Heard about this new mall that opened less than a month. Decided to make a trip to “kehpoh” (A Malaysian term used to describe a person being a busybody) a bit. To my surprise, it was indeed bigger than the rest of the malls here in Singapore. The size is similar to The Empire in Subang Jaya back home. Yet to see a mall that matches Pavillion or KLCC.


It’s still in its early phase, I suppose. Certain parts of the building is still under construction. Getting here was very easy. It’s just right in front of the Jurong East MRT station. You won’t miss it, unless you really do have a bad sense of direction, then it can’t be helped.


Can you see it? There’s space! I’ve mentioned earlier that most malls in Singapore are really crowded. Not putting my hopes too high since it was off peak and this mall is relatively new.


Even getting into Starbucks can be troublesome.


Gonna try this place the next time I’m here. Bread and pastries. Hmm-hmmm.


There’s a nice and cozy cafeteria located right at the top of the mall as well. Food is affordable and desserts are cheap too. 2 Singapore dollars for a big bowl of ice kacang definitely gives you a better life.


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