Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

Made a short trip up to Hong Kong just before I started working in Singapore.  A nice place to visit but things are even more expensive than Singapore itself. Been told that Hong Kong’s a good place for shopping, fashion wise but with the hefty price tags? I beg to differ.

Heard about this Victoria Peak, so had to give it a visit once, since I’m already here.


From Sheung Wan MTR station, it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the tram station. There’s a mall right up on the Victoria Peak, called The Peak, and it’s assessible through driving or taking the tram up. It goes up a very steep slope since it’s a mountain that we’re going up unto.


Waiting for the tram feels like an eternity.


Waiting was no fun at all. Spent almost close to 2 hours just to get on board the tram. Since it has a limited capacity, it could only carry that many. Be prepared to torture yourself if your bladder is full. Be sure to take a leak first before you start queuing cause’ there ain’t any washroom nearby.


See what I meant? Packed!


And here we are, at the observatory. I’ll skip the mall since it’s nothing much to talk about. Just like any other malls out there. Oh, there’s a Madame Tussauds thingy inside the mall. So if you’re into waxy figurines, you may consider stopping by.


Apart from the waiting, I did enjoy being up here. You can almost view a large portion of Hong Kong from here.


If you look closely, there are big mansions and houses located on the peak. Only for the rich and famous, I believe.


Hong Kong’s skyline. Would I go up for a second time if I had the chance? Once is good enough. No doubt. I would rather save the money for something else.


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