Chinatown, Singapore.

Grace had a sudden craving for clay-pot rice. Dragged me all the way down to Chinatown only to know that the shop was closed. Adoi. When we got out from the MRT station, the scene looked awfully familiar. Take a guess. Temple Street in Hong Kong, sounds familiar huh?

There’s a street called Temple Street too. How genuine is that? As we strolled along the street, some parts do remind me of Jonker Street back home. At times, I wonder who’s copying who or who’s being copied.


Of course being here in Singapore, everything is clean and all. That’s a plus point. Then again, although the older buildings are still preserved and kept new, there are a lot of man-made add-on stuff along the way that destroys the authenticity of it.


The fried oysters from this particular stall is pretty good. It has the longest line among all the other stalls. The oysters were yummiliciously good, but the tremendous amount of oil that the oysters were coated with, not good.


This picture was taken in Hong Kong. Compare with the stalls above. And if you look close enough, you’ll notice that the area gives off a different “feel”.


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