Cost of Living in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

How much to live comfortably in the Klang Valley? Let’s do a break down.

Ultimately everyone wants to own a place of their own. So a property value of RM 250000 – RM 300000 (although I do believe a decent property in Klang Valley is double/triple of what I’ve stated), you’ll have to service a loan between Rm 1000 to RM 1500. If not, a rental around Klang Valley area would costs about the same. Utility bills about a RM 100. An average car value of RM 100000 , brands from Toyota, Honda, Mazda, etc. Estimated loan of RM 1000 to RM 1500. Of course if you’re a Proton fan, by all means. You can lower that value by half to about RM 500. Let’s take RM 1000 as of now. And when you have a car, you need to pay for petrol as well. Let’s put this at RM 250. Internet bills. Let’s take UniFi’s cheapest 5MB package which costs RM 150. Phone bills. RM 100 for calls and 3G. If you’re gonna be a cheapskate like me who uses prepaid, that’s fine too. Food wise, average of RM 5 per meal. Let’s assume you eat 3 times/day. So, RM 15 a day. In 30 days, RM 450. Eating the same food everyday would be kinda tedious, to add in some spice to life, probably additional RM 50 for each weekend, be it food or other entertainment purposes like movies, hang outs and stuff. So 4 weekends, that would tally up to RM 200. If you do take up an insurance scheme, maybe about RM 100 a month. Although it varies depending on which kinda scheme you’re getting.

Now let’s add them up. House loan/Rental (RM 1500) + Utilities (Rm 100) + Car loan (RM 1000) + Petrol (RM 250) + Broadband (RM 150) + Phone (RM 100) + Food (RM 450) + Entertainment (RM 200)  + Insurance (RM 100) = RM 3850. As you can see, an estimated monthly expenses incurred would be RM 3850. How about savings? Say you plan on saving RM 500 each month. That would be RM 4350. As this is the take home income, we’ve got to include the EPF (forced savings) and tax in too. So give and take, RM 5000 would be the figure.

Do take note though, this is calculated based on one person. If you have a family and other commitments, the figure itself would definitely be higher. Of course the amount can be pushed lower, by taking out the car loan and petrol expenses but I would not consider that as living comfortably. Unless you do not intend to move out from your parent’s place and stay in forever, probably you could remove the burden of a housing loan then.

Then again, is RM 5000 really enough? I wonder.


3 thoughts on “Cost of Living in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

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