Work Place

Ever curious as to how a polyclinic in Singapore looks like? Here’s a shot for ya.


Although I hate to admit it, it’s considered one of the more comfy clinics that I’ve worked in so far.

Nowadays, surviving as a general practitioner in Malaysia is gonna be tough, and it’s gonna get tougher by the end I get my stuff settled here. Has plans (more like thoughts) to get one going but seeing GPs back home can go bankrupt, I shudder at the thought starting one myself. The initiating cost itself will definitely be a very damaging start. And to start anew in a place with hundreds of other GPs competing with one another, it’s a race out there. Building rapport with patients, and to have them like you, will take time. And time, is of essence. Income will fluctuate, and may very well end up in the losing end. Despite that, I still have dreams of having a clinic of my own. It’s considered a joy, at least for me, to see some form of continuity in care of patients with chronic illness that improves through proper management. However, you don’t really see it (the continuity) in the government polyclinics as the load of patients are shared among different doctors. Seeing a patient and having a plan does not guarantee that the patient will see you again the next, and most likely the plans will change when another doctor sees him/her.

Have you got yours planned out yet?