Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)

Finally a chance to have a look at Malaysia’s most boasted new low cost carrier airport which opened recently. Looks better than KLIA itself. Maybe coz’ it’s new, but I guess gotta give credit to where it’s due. Looks way more vibrant and livelier as compared to the main airport. Here’s a couple of shots taken on my flight back to Singapore.


A really big display board.


Starbucks’ one of the main tenants. Another one is located in the other block.



Really surprised to see Tissot to take up a slot here.


AirAsia check in kiosks. Now everyone gets to fly, as long as you pay for every little darn thing. No money no talk.


It’s empty coz’ it’s located right after the immigration counters. OMG. So strategic!



Integrated shopping mall.


You see more people here as compared to its main counterpart. Understandable since it’s a terminal for the low cost carriers, more people  are able to fly.



Big shiny gates to greet you along the way.



A plus point for the waiting area as compared to LCCT. Clean. No smell. No flies. Brightly-lit with clean toilets. Clean toilets are very important, you know. Right?


And finally, the gate. Most stuff ain’t in order yet. Many shops are yet to open. And be warned, you may end up being breathless if you’re exiting the plane, walking towards to immigration counter. It’s a long stretch. Despite the area being air-conditioned, I ended up sweating. Do grab any trolleys you see along the way if you’re carrying any heavy bags, or you might just end up regretting not doing so.


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