Good Doctors – Dr. Ng Kwee Boon (Obstetrician and Gynaecologist)

Dr. NgDr. Ng, a very soft spoken and humble man. He takes time to explain the details and loves to chat. He believes that the best way to treat if through knowing the patient as a person rather than treating the disease itself. He never rushes through a consult. You’ll notice funny little antiques between him and his trusty nurse who urges him to see at a faster rate as there are so many other patients waiting in line to see him. Speaks in a variety of dialects including Hokkien and Cantonese, although he communicates best in English.

Specializes in scopes, which includes laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries, which most patients prefer these days as these surgeries leave smaller scars and have a faster healing time. If you’re wondering what is laparoscopy, click HERE.

He runs a clinic in Tung Shin Hospital. You can get more HERE.

Rumor has it that he will be retiring soon. But when, no one knows. However, if you’re looking for a good O&G specialist around Klang Valley area, you may want to consider seeing him.


Captain Earth

Like I always do, on the look out for a good anime to watch. And here’s one. If you’re into mechas, gundams and stuff, you will like this.


Main protagonist to your left.





No like mechas?


Just too bad.

Family Medicine Specialization in Malaysia

You may ask, why do I need to specialize in Family Medicine? Fortunately (or unfortunately), you do not require any specialization to be a general practitioner (GP) in Malaysia as anyone with just an MBBS or an MD can be one, as long as they finish their service with the government. In other countries, a GP is a specialist, and you have to pass exams before you’re allowed to practice independently.

However, if you do plan to improve yourself, take this as a challenge, be it for self-improvement or for the betterment of the patients that you’re treating.

There are 2 pathways that you may take.

If you’re in the government sector, you can always try to get yourself into the Master Program. Total number of years for completion would take 4 years. However, there will be no guarantee of when you’ll be enrolled into the program. Just gotta keep trying until you get it. Bear in mind that you’ll be bound by the government upon completion. Failing the exam will cost you money, and yet, you will still be bonded.

For those who’s not keen on waiting, the alternative path is to take post graduate training offered by the Academy of Family Physician of Malaysia (AFPM). Duration of the program will be 4 years too. However, if you’re working as a general practitioner long enough (10 years or more), you can be enrolled into a cram course called DFM-S which takes only a year instead of two, then to continue on with the Advance Training Program (ATP). Only after ATP, you’ll be eligible to sit for the FRACGP exams. Thing is, you’ll be financially tighter as compared to taking the Master Program as you would have to fork out about RM40,000 during these 4 years, which is quite a considerable sum.

Choice is yours.