The Normal Days

6.45 am – Getting of from bed. Or trying, for the very least.

7.00 am – Breakfast (Carman’s anyone?) and a quick shower.

7.20 am – Towards the bus stop, which is conveniently located below my block.

7.35 am – Bus arrives. Taps the EZ-link card after getting on.

7.45 am – Arrives at bus interchange. Taps out. 70 cents deducted. Starts walking towards the clinic.

7.50 am – Reaches the clinic. Powers up the pc.

8.00 am – Ding. The first patient being called.

9.00 am- Work work work.

10.00 am – Work work work.

10.15 am – 10 minutes breather for a quick snack. And to pee.

10.25 am – Work work work.

11.00 am – Work work work.

12.00 am – Oh my God. I’m hungry. Work work work.

1.00 pm – Lunch with friends! 5 dollars a meal. May go up to 15 since there’s a mall nearby.

2.00 pm – Bah. Back to work.

3.00 pm – You know the drill.

4.00 pm – Getting excited that it’s gonna end soon.

4.30 pm – “Why are there still patients?!” Everyone starts getting really edgy.

5.00 pm – Done! Takes a slow stroll back with wifey. (Oh yes, she works at the same place as me.)

5.10 pm – Hops on the bus.

5.30 pm – Buys dinner from the the nearby kopitiam. Spends about 10 dollars for both.

6:00 pm – Chilek time. Movies, dramas, studies, gaming, music and housework all the way till 10.30pm.

10.30 pm – Catch up on some news using Flipboard (fantastic app by the way).

11.00 pm – Nite guys!

p/s. Oh, and if you’re wondering what about the not-so-normal days a.k.a syok days, those are the times when I’m back in KL! 😉


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