Pardon My Absence

Wowee. It’s been more than a couple (probably a couple of couple) of months since my last post. Lots of stuff happened at the end of the year 2014.

One of the most important event that ever happened was that I’ve been up’d a level, a status called daddy. Oh, the feeling. Awesome. Having your kid pee at you. Priceless. Seeing him cannon-poop’d your wife. Priceless with an infinity tag.

Sitting for my DFM final exam. Thought it was gonna be a piece of cake but it was not as easy as expected. Glad I made it through.

Moved into our new place. Well, it’s still a rented place but at least now we have a place of our own. Despite being able to save more while having to rent a room only, having your privacy is worth more than that.

Hopefully I’ll get into the right gear and start posting again. Not like hangat-hangat tahi ayam. And no, it does not mean hot-hot chicken shit in anyway. Have fun googling.


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