About me and TWOT

Who am I?

I am a Malaysian. Currently in my early thirties. Happily married to a beautiful and lovely lady. I’m in the 7th year of my working career and I’m still pursuing my dreams. I love spending time with my family. I’ve always enjoy doing other things apart from medicine, be it gaming, photography, reading up on gadgets, travelling (without the sweat and sun) and writing.

Why do I name my blog “total waste of time”?

I find that we tend to do things the hard and long way. That’s a total waste of time a.k.a. TWOT. There is always a simpler way to get things done. I like to look at things from a different perspective and do things differently from others.

What do I write?

What I write here is rather random. Ranges from my own life to other nonsensical stuff. I also post certain medical problems which I find relevant. However, it’s not 100% accurate and it has its flaws. It’s just something for me to look back to when I have the time. If you do want to  use them, kindly use them with CAUTION.


51 thoughts on “About me and TWOT

  1. Hello there. I stumbled across your blog and thought I would drop you a little note as you asked. I know how difficult it can be to get response from blog readers.

    I like your blog. I tried a blog with no real subject except me and my thoughts but it didn’t turn out well. I am sure you will have more success as you appear far better at it than me. I am now trying my hand at a blog with a more geek theme, probably not that interesting but I like to try.

    I hope your blog keeps going and I will drop by again to see how things are going. Good luck.

    Scott (in the UK)

  2. Gaha…last I was here must have been like over a year ago or something. Forgot you had it. Anyways…it is I, Exire. I am everywhere. Keep posting on FFN, we love you.

  3. Haha. You’re stalking me man… and I know you all love me coz I’m too irresistable. I’m just taking a break from FFN. I am there… but I’m just too lazy to post.

  4. Hi there, just got your info on Crystalloid solutions. Thanks. I am Nursing stuendent and am about to start on studying osteopathy.

    Take care john

  5. hi. i’m just a random reader who happen to pass by your blog. looks like u’ve done a lot of work to maintain this blog. good job. i’m a medical student. are u a doctor? cos i find your medical posts really helpful.

    ehhhh, how come got pic of me drinking beer wan?!?!
    ehhhh, you my housemate ar?!?!

  6. hello. i am currently reiding in batu pahat. it is quite a beautiful place really. i hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂
    i do find your friends disturbing tho, are they doctors? ahahhaha
    i didnt even know you have a blog… was wondering wat the heck twot was…

  7. @emila: thanks for dropping by.

    @genie: eh datuk… u’re part of the “disturbing” friends also. and besides, you’re good at twoting what, im surprised u didnt know. hahaha.

  8. I happened to know your site when I was googling the word batu pahat. I am also from batu pahat and also have my own blog. Just drop by to say nice blog you have here.

  9. @tigersden: yea, I’ve been to your blog too. Can’t remember how I actually stumbled across it but it kept me reading because it was all about batu pahat, especially the food part.

    @sasitaran: dey… you started a blog too huh? haha. I’ll drop by whenever I can.

  10. Heya! Was gonna talk to u on msn but u were “away” so i thought i’ll check out the website on ur nick – and it was ur blog! CooOoOoll~~ Neat place u got. I’m not usually the type to leave my prints on blogs but cos u dedicated a page to me (and cos i’m kind…heheh)… here’s one up for u!! Thanks lots…u’re a great buddy =)

  11. @perutbesi duo: Thanks for dropping by guys… both of you have a nice site too.

    @jaeann: I’m always “away” neh… you’ll most likely get a reply from me wan. Yala. Dedicated one page for you. You good fren mah, haha.

  12. Hi there! nice blog u have here!!…so nice!!! so cool!!…hou lei hoi ah!!!…heh…

    k k..i was bored today…and saw ur nick..so i dropped by =)…nice place…

  13. hello eric, im jackie the one met u on at peads ward..guess wat..i type papazi batu pahat and it link me here..then i see..eii..so familiar this eric..hehhe ne way nice meeting u!.

  14. Eh?! I’m also quite surprised to see you here also. Shocking. Nice meeting you too, I’m sure you had a *coughs* fun time *coughs* in the BP hospital.

  15. I thought you’ve given up on blogging a long time ago. Mana tau got new site. 😉

    Will be stalking you from now on.. hiak hiak hiak..

  16. Hey eric, glad you’re updating again. Exams are all over and I suppose “Congratz” are in order? What happen to your chatterbox where I could just pop up and say ‘Hiya!’ hmm? Drop me a line kay? God bless 🙂

  17. just another random RN student that just found your blog. interesting blog on IV drip rate. That was a lil complicated (uh, yea, I’m not the typical asian. My math SUCKS bigtime.) I usually just use the solve for x method.

  18. thanks for the boost i needed to see this format of doing simple iv calc in terms that i would understand keep it up you sound like you know your stuff i wish i had that kind of projection

  19. Nice blog! Really do enjoy reading it. I’m just a Year 2 medical student, loves gaming and gadget-y tech stuff, so I can relate! At least a bit. 😉 Keep on writing ya!

  20. Dera Eric,

    I accidentally came over your blog and I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. The thing is that I want to ask you a question:

    I’m a Swedish citizen and medical graduate from Europe who really would like to work in Malaysia. At the moment I’m working in Karolinska, Stockholm as a junior doctor and hope to widen my experience and start work in Malaysia.

    What are the opportunities? And to whom should I contact?

    Would deeply appreciate your response.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Sara,

      Nice to meet you. To be truthful, it is kind of difficult to get into the Malaysia’s medical setting if you’re not a Malaysian. However, there are options if you do fulfill certain criterias. This is an excerpt from the guidelines by the Malaysian Medical Council.

      Applications for registration from non-Malaysians:
      1. All applications from non-Malaysians who have passed the local Masters programmes shall be considered only if the applicant has no less than four (4) years’ experience in the specialty in another country.
      2. All applications from non-Malaysians for the post of Medical Officer in private healthcare facilities shall not be considered.

      Link below for the official site.

      My best bet is to apply for work in Singapore, as the background setting is relatively the same. If your degree is recognized by Singapore medical council, you stand a better chance of getting a job there instead of Malaysia.

      • Thank you for your extensive reply Eric! Will then look into the option of working in Singapore instead.
        Best regards,

  21. Dear Eric,

    Nice to meet you! I’m glad that i bumped into your blog as i have a few questions to ask you regarding working in Singapore. Is there a way that i can chat with you privately? Thanks.

  22. Hi brother, I’m adam.medical officer working in kk malaysia. May I get to know u and kindly request your contact number?i need to seek your opinion for my future career if I want to work in Singapore. Thx!

  23. Hi Dr,
    I am a Malaysian , doctor from unrecognized college. Have completed Pg Diploma in ultrasound from Annamalai University , India. I would like to know what is the criteria to become a tutor/lecturer here in Malaysia,in private organization ? Kindly guide me.

    Thanking you,

    • Hi Dr.Thilaga,

      Have you completed your housemanship? And the required number of service with the government? It’s not possible if you’ve not done so.


  24. Dear Eric,
    i am a headhunter and i am currently looking for FRACGP Dr’s who have completed part 2 and ready to move to Australia to work.
    You kind recommendation and connecting me with them will be appreciated.
    I am at patricia@peoplepro.com.my– 012-2862014
    This is a good pathway for those who want to move on with their career.

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